Creating Custom Datasets

To create a custom dataset, open the Dataset tool in the Database. The Datasets tool is located in the Records and Datasets section, but can also be found quickly by using the search bar.  

  Datasets tool is under the Records and Datasets section

The Datasets tool enables the creation of new datasets and provides the ability to edit existing datasets. 

The Datasets tool allows for the creation of new datasets and the ability to
  edit existing datasets

To create a new dataset, click the Insert link. A popup appears. The only field required to create a dataset is the Name field.  

click on the Insert link

  • Status: Inactivate datasets that are no longer in use without fear of losing associated data.
  • Folder: Folders are an organizational option. To create a new folder, select Other in the folder option, and a text box appears. Enter the name of the new folder. The newly created folder will be selectable in a list later. 
  • Name: Enter the name of the dataset that will be displayed internally.
  • Type: Links a dataset to existing Slate functions and enables the function in the dataset. Dataset types are case-sensitive. When multiple types are added to a dataset, the list of types must be delimited by a comma. Current dataset types are: 
    • giving
    • gift_fund
    • relation
    • job
    • location
    • school
  • Parent: Used primarily for Organization and Organization Contacts datasets. If the dataset has a Parent, select it from the list.
  • Custom Icon: Choose a custom icon that will represent the dataset records in Lookup.

Viewing Custom Dataset Record

Note: At the time of publication of this article, some features have not been fully released. The following instructions describe the current process for viewing and accessing custom datasets.  

To access the new custom dataset go to the Records section and click the Preview CJ Lookup

click on
  the Preview CJ Lookup link

A shared view is required first to view any custom dataset records. To create a shared view in the records section after selecting Preview CJ Lookup, select the new custom dataset link on the right side of the page. In the omni-search, enter one blank space and select enter. The blank space in the omni-search will return all records in the custom dataset. When no view exists, default text will appear with a link to the shared view editor called Edit Shared Views. Currently, views for custom datasets do not show up in the Shared Views tool. 

Edit Shared Views

In the Shared Views tool, select Create View, and make sure to select Use this view as the default for all users for this base. Add any desired exports and filters to the view.  

select Create View

The newly created view can be edited by selecting the custom views link next to the New Record button.  

The newly created view can be edited by selected the custom views link

Creating a Custom Dataset Record

To create a new record for the custom dataset, open the Records section, select the dataset from the right side list the new record is to be added for, and click New Record. To create a new dataset record, only the Name is required. If a key is provided, ensure the key is unique to the record in the dataset. The dataset record key field is a unique-for-matching field.  

click on the New Record link

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