Custom Datasets Records

A custom dataset in Slate is a collection of records that can manage a variety of data, including named spaces and class years and can even track fundraiser performance. As with the other default datasets and constituent records, any custom dataset can have its own custom fields and tabs.  

Linking Custom Datasets

Custom datasets can be linked to other datasets and constituent records through the use of a Related Dataset Row field. Using a related dataset row field allows multiple records throughout the database to be linked to a single dataset record.

For example, a park bench in a custom Named Spaces dataset has multiple constituents and multiple Companies who have contributed to it. The park bench - as a single custom dataset record - can have its own custom fields capturing location, yearly maintenance cost, etc. A related dataset row field can be used to link each contributor to the park bench dataset record, and thus to all the information stored on the park bench dataset record. By storing the park bench as a custom dataset record, the information for the park bench is managed in a single location while still being available in queries, reports, and other areas for each contributor record linked to the park bench.




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