Constituent Record - Research

The Research tab enables the storing and managing of point-in-time qualitative contextual data from external and internal sources. This data might be source-specific from a provider (such as a rating or score), or it could be more generally applicable information from multiple sources (such as an estimated giving capacity).

Research Tab

One of the primary uses for the Research tab is for wealth screenings. Technolutions partners with DonorSearch and iWave to make this screening very straightforward. A library of items lets institutions easily search for records in Slate, export a file in a standardized format to the vendor, and automatically consume the returned file containing the screened records.

   Early Access Feature

Research is an Early Access Feature and is not yet a default for all provisioned instances of Slate.

To enable Research:

    1. Select Database from the main navigation.
    2. Select Configuration Keys.
    3. In the Database Configuration section, select Early Access Features.
    4. From the list, select Research.
    5. Click Save.

Note: Changes to configuration keys can take up to 15 minutes to be reflected across all web nodes.

Overview Section

The overview section includes a default dashboard that displays the research history, first source, and most recent source. Research sources describe the place from which data originate. For example, DonorSearch would be a research source for any information imported from DonorSearch. A custom dashboard can be added to the overview page. Custom dashboards appear above the default dashboard when enabled.

Overview Section

Research Sources Section

The Research Sources section includes a table that supports customized views and displays the point-in-time data for each research source. Clicking the column headers can sort the table.  

Research Sources Section

New research data can be added through the New Research Data link. Clicking an existing data point presents a popup with more details and an option to edit the data. Each research data point will have a default tab. Custom tabs can be created for a research source and will appear to the right of the default tab.     

New Research Data

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