Constituent Record - Timeline

The Timeline tab tracks activities and interactions that have been added to the constituent record. The Timeline tab comprises four sections, Timeline, Interactions, Audit Log, and Campaigns.




The timeline section is a chronological history of interactions like form submissions, message history, and payment history that have taken place on the constituent record. At the top is a graph displaying the volume of interactions across this history of the constituent record.



You can adjust the date range by changing the dates on the upper right side of the graph.



New interactions can be added directly to the constituent record by clicking New Interaction  on the right, below the graph.



Below the graph, you'll find a chronologically ordered list of all the interactions that have taken place on the record, grouped by month and year.  



Clicking an interaction produces a popup that includes related information.




The interactions section is a chronological history of interactions such as form submissions, message history, payment history, and more that have taken place on the constituent record.




The list of interactions is sortable by the column headers.



On the right side of the section, you can search for specific interactions using the search box. You can manage the category of interactions displayed in the list by selecting and deselecting the categories on the right side of the section.  




Audit Log

The Audit Log section is a chronological list of changes that have been made against a record. Audit events include custom fields being set or unset, gift modifications, address, and contact information updates, query executions, and more. The user or rule that initiated the event is displayed along with details of the audit event.  



The list of audit events can be filtered by date and custom field. To filter by a custom field, select the field name from the select list. After adjusting the dates, or selecting a specific custom field. Click Refresh to refresh the list of audit events.  




The campaign section lists any deliver campaigns in which the constituent record is included. The displayed deliver campaign can be filtered by date, and specific deliver campaigns from the drop-down menu. After adjusting the dates or selecting a specific deliver campaign, click Refresh to refresh the list of campaigns.

Campaigns Section


Clicking on the mailing name can give quick access to the mailing the constituent will receive. Clicking on Preview will present a popup of the expected message. Clicking on the Check Logic will return a popup of the conditions the constituent meets to be included in the mailing.  

Preview Mailing

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