Constituent Record - How to Create a Test Record

Constituent test records are ideal for avoiding data corruption on real constituent records when testing new processes being built out in the database. Constituent test records can persist in the database, so there is no need to delete them after using them for testing. In queries, reports, and emails, test records can be filtered out of the process.  

Creating a Constituent Test Record

To create a test record, navigate to the records section in the database by selecting the records icon on the top navigation bar.  

  the Records icon

Once in the records section, ensure that the person dataset is selected and click on the New Person button.  

ensure that the Person dataset is selected

Provide the constituent test record information, it may be helpful to include in either the first or last name section the word Test. This helps other administrators easily identify the record as a test record in the omni-search, and other areas of the database.  

Provide the constituent test record information

Once the constituent test record is created navigate to the dashboard tab on the test record and in the tags section select the Test Record tag.  

in the Tags section select the Test Record tag

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