Require VPN Access for Administrative Users

As an additional security measure, you may choose to restrict Slate access for administrative users to only those who are on your campus network (i.e., restricts Slate access by IP address). Once enabled, users will only be able to log into Slate if they are either physically on your campus or are using a campus VPN to route their traffic through the campus network.

  1. Navigate to Database -> Database Configuration Keys.
  2. Under the Security & SSO Settings section, open the Require VPN: Allowed Subnets key
  3. Enter your allowed IP address or subnets (in CIDR notation) separated by commas, if you need to set multiples.
  4. Save and wait for 15-20 minutes for your changes to propagate to all web servers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This change will affect all Slate logins via your SSO. If you use your SSO to authenticate applicants, persons, or datasets, they will also need to be on your campus network. This may prevent logins from prospective students or alumni and should be activated with caution.

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