Descriptions of Standard Configurable Joins Query Bases

When choosing the Configurable Joins query base for your query or report part, it’s important to ask yourself what data points you’re hoping to display or aggregate. This will help determine which base is best for your purpose. The base for a query will answer the question, “What do I want to see one row per?” The base for a report part will answer the question, “What type of record or value am I hoping to count or aggregate?”

There are three categories for Configurable Joins query bases:

Knowing the category of a base can be helpful when thinking about your joins. For example, if you’re starting from a ‘Records’ base and need to get to a ‘System’ base, often you will need to join through a ‘Related’ base.


There are some bases with the same name (e.g. Related - Material, System - Material), however they will contain different data. It is important to check the Category for the base when creating a new query to ensure you are using the correct base.


Bases concerning records that you have added to your database (other than Organizations).

Query Base Explanation
Application All Application-scoped fields, custom and standard.

Application by Population

Same fields as Application base, but only applications (not the Person associated with the application) that have populations. The User needs to have the permission to query on the application population. Population-aware for the user when querying.

Companies and Foundations (Advancement license required)

All Companies and Foundations-scoped fields, custom and standard.
Funds (Advancement license required) All Funds-scoped fields, custom and standard.
Organization Contacts All Organization Contacts-scoped fields, custom and standard, relating to the contacts you have added to Organizations.
Organizations All Organization-scoped fields, custom and standard. This is the only Records base that will have values available upon the creation of an instance.
Person All Person-scoped fields, custom and standard.
Person by Population Same values as Person base, but only Person records that have populations. The User needs to have the permission to query on the person population. Population-aware for the user when querying.


Values/items that are connected to records. Think, ‘This information would only exist with a record.’

Query Base Explanation
Activity and Interaction The activities and interactions associated with the Person, Application, or Dataset record.
Address All Address-scoped fields, custom and standard.
Application Bin All Application Bins that have been created in an instance.
Application Reader Queue Information concerning the reader queues in your instance, including empty queues.
Bot All Inbox Live Bots created in an instance.
Bot Intent The name of Intents created for Inbox Live Bots.
Checklist The checklist items associated with an Application.
Course All courses associated with an Person or Application.
Course catalog Courses created in an instance only.
Dataset All Datasets created or added to an instance. The Datasets themselves, not data or values associated with that Dataset.
Dataset Row

All rows in all Datasets. Every record, item, or value in an instance.

Dataset Row Login Dataset record login information. Can only be used as a base, can not be joined to.
Decision All Decisions associated with an Application.
Device All Devices associated with a Person, Relation, or Dataset record.
Donor (Advancement license required) All Person records that also exist in a Dataset with the type of 'Giving' or any variation of 'Giving.'
Duplicate Records Main and Parent records that have gone through the Consolidate Records process.
Expense Any expenses associated with Trips or Events.
Field values All values stored in all fields in an instance.
Field version The version history of all custom fields in an instance.
File All Files created in an instance.
Form All Forms created in an instance, except Reader Review Forms.
Form Response All responses to all Forms. This will include responses to Reader Review Form submissions, Event registrations, Scheduler registrations, and more. Event registration and attendance are Form Responses.
Gifts (Advancement license required) All Gifts associated with a Person.
Gift Installment (Advancement license required) All Gift Installments associated with a Person.
Gift Opportunity (Advancement license required) All Gift Opportunities associated with a Person.
Gift Opportunity Notes (Advancement license required) Notes for all Gift Installments.
Gift Related Records (Advancement license required) Related records associated with any Gift.
Giving Campaigns (Advancement license required) All Giving Campaigns created in an instance.
Inbox All Messages that have ever been in the inbox.
Interests All Interests associated with a Person.
Job All Jobs associated with Person records or Relation records.
Job Activity Monitor History of all Query runs and Report renders. Same information as the Job Activity Monitor in Database.
Material All Materials of all scopes.
Message All Messages in an instance. This Base is typically very large and requires multiple filters in order to be queried on successfully.
Message Group All Message Groups created in an instance.
Message Mailing All Mailings created using the Deliver tool, including form communication.
Message Number Information regarding the accounts and numbers that are sending and receiving messages.
Message Opt Out All opt out messages received.
Message Track Tracking information from messages and mailings. This Base is typically very large and requires multiple filters in order to be queried on successfully.
Payment All payments, both Slate payments and external.
Payment Activities The activities associated with Payments on a record.
Payment Recurring All Recurring Payments in an instance.
Person Login Login information for Person records.
Ping Information regarding all Pings, including those not associated with a record.
Population Population name and timestamps for when records entered a population.

All Portals created in an instance. Can only be used as a base, can not be joined to.

Prediction All previously created Predictions in an instance. While the Prediction function is now deprecated, previously created Predictions can still be queried on.
Project The Projects themselves, not the tasks within a Project.
Project Mailing All Mailings associated with a Project.
Project Task All Tasks within a Project.
Project Task Log History of updates to Project tasks.
Query The queries themselves, not any runs of queries.
Query Run

Information about all runs of all queries. This Base will not have what records were included in query runs.

Reader Activity Activity log of the Reader tool.
Realm All Realms created in an instance.
Reference All References associated with an Application.
Relation All Relations associated with a Person record.
Report All Reports created in an instance.
Report Part Information regarding individual Report Parts within Reports.
Report Subpart The tables and columns within Report parts.
Research Information pertaining to records having to do with Research.
Research Data The data and values associated with Research in an instance.
Role User All Users associated with a Role.
Rule All Rules created in an instance.
School All Schools associated with a Person or Relation record.
School report All School Reports associated with a Person.
Settlement All transfers and settlements of Funds.
Source Information regarding each individual import in Upload Dataset.
Source Format The Source Formats themselves, not the imports using Source Formats.
Sport All Sports associated with a Person.
Status History of all Person and Application Status timestamps.
Tag All Tags associated with a record.
Test All Tests associated with Person records.
Test [Test Name] Information for a specific type of Test associated with a Person.
Trigger All Triggers created in an instance. While the Trigger function is deprecated, previously created Triggers can still be queried on.
Trip All Trips created in an instance.
Trip Stop All stops within Trips.
User All Users in an instance.
User Login Login information for all Users in an instance.
User Permission All Permissions created in an instance.
Voyage All Voyages created via the Voyager tool.
Voyage Layer All Layers within a Voyage.
Workflow Bin All Bins associated with a workflow.
Workflow Bin User Queue Information regarding individual User's queues in Workflows.
Workflow Records: [Workflow Name] History of records through a specific workflow.


These are the objects themselves that you maintain in the Database tool, not the values associated with the object or record. Think, ‘This information would exist regardless of records.’

Query Base Explanation
Activity The Activity and Interaction codes themselves, not any codes associated with a record.
Checklist The Checklist items themselves, not any checklist items currently on an Application.
Decision The Decision codes themselves, not any decision codes associated with an Application.
Decision Letter The Decision Letters themselves, not any decision letter associated with an Application.
Decision Reason The Decision Reasons themselves, not any decision reason associated with an Application.
Field The Fields themselves, not any values stored in the Fields.
Material The Materials created in an instance, not items imported as materials. This base will not include Reader Tab Materials.
Origin Source Group Origin Source Groups only, not the Origin Sources themselves.
Origin Source Type The Origin Sources created in an instance.
Period All Application Periods, including inactive.
Population All Populations, including inactive.
Prompt The Prompts themselves, not prompts stored as field values for a record.
Query Base All query-able bases, including any custom Query Bases.
Reader Bin All Reader Bins created using the 'Reader Bins' tool and the Workflow Editor, including inactive Bins.
Reader Review Form

All Reader Review Forms. The Related base of 'Forms' will not include Reader Review Forms.

Reader Tab Group

All Reader Tab Groups created using the 'Reader Tab Groups' tool and the Workflow Editor. The System base of 'Tabs' will not include Reader Tab Groups.

Reader Tab Material

All Reader Tab Materials created using the 'Reader Tab Materials' tool and the Workflow Editor. The System base of 'Materials' will not include Reader Tab Materials.

Research Research Sources created in an instance or added from the Configuration Library.
Research Key The Data Keys associated with any Research Sources created in or added to an instance.

All Roles, including inactive. This base will not include Users.

Round All Application Rounds, including inactive. The Rounds themselves, not the Round associated with an Application.
Slate Payment Account

Slate Payment Accounts only, including PayPal/Venmo. This base will not include external payment accounts.


All standard and custom Tabs of all scopes. This base will not include Reader Tab Groups.

Tag All standard and custom tags of all scopes. The Tags themselves, not Tags associated with records.

All examinations or standardized tests, including custom. The Tests themselves, not Tests associated with a Person.

Translation The Translation Codes themselves, not places where the translation values are being used.
User Permission

All custom and standard Permissions, including exclusive and population permissions. This base will not include Users.

Workflow All custom Workflows created via the Workflow Editor.
System Current query run information. The Related base of 'Query Run' will only include pervious query run information.
World – Country All standard Country information. This base will have values upon creation of instance.
World – Region All standard Region (State) information. This base will have values upon creation of instance.
World – US County All standard County information for US counties only. This base will have values upon creation of instance.
World - US ZIP Code All standard US ZIP Code information. This base will have values upon creation of instance.
World – US ZIP Data Demographic information for US ZIP Codes. This base will have values upon creation of instance.
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