Visits for High School Counselors

High school counselors can use to create college fairs and school visits, with the option to invite colleges & universities and students. Colleges can respond to invitations and request visit registration through Slate, which would be approved or declined by you as the high school counselor in Students can also accept or decline the invitation through their account.

College View Student View

College Invite

Student Accept

Events can be posted as either "open attendance" or "invitation only."


Creating Visits

Visits can easily be created and scheduled ahead of time using the Visits calendar.

To create a visit:

1. Click the Calendar tab, then click Create New Visit.


2. Enter the details, location, description, and any internal notes you may have. The details tab can include title, status, recurrence, date, deadline, registration limit, privacy, and if the event is being shared with students. College fairs and school visit events can be created by high school counselors on a one-time or recurring basis.


3. If a college fair or a visit involves additional high schools, you can search and invite them as a co-host. Click Invite Co-Hosts to open the Send Invitations pop-up and enter the name of the school (or schools) you're searching for. 


4. To invite colleges or students, click the either Invite Colleges or Invite Students.


5. To keep track of student and college registrants, click the related links above the related registrant list.



Managing Visits

With a visit created, use the Calendar view to edit the visit and manage registrations. 


Visits can also be managed from the Home tab:


If a visit needs to be modified, go to the calendar, select the event, and edit it with the pencil icon:


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