Branding Wizard Tool

The Branding Wizard Tool is a useful tool for institutions that want to ensure that their Slate branding is consistent with their overall branding. It is also a useful tool for institutions that want to avoid having to manually upload and update their Slate branding assets.

First, your web development team must publish a web page that contains the following code:

 <div id="slate">SLATE GOES HERE</div>


Once completed, to access the tool:

1. Select Database from the navigation.

2. Then, from the Branding Section, select Branding Editor.

To pull in institutional branding into Slate:

1. Click Upload.

2. Select a Type of URL.

3. Paste in the URL published by your web team which contains the SLATE GOES HERE text.

4. Click Upload.


Once uploaded, the newly imported branding files will appear in the Branding Editor:


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