Visits and Calendar for Students makes it easy for students to find and register for events related to college searches, and  to respond to event invitations from high school counselors. can also be used to manage college visits and interviews, register for open houses, and track other appointments related to the college planning process.

Visit Types

When a high school counselor invites a select list of students to a visit, invited students will be notified of an invitation in and can accept or decline the invitation from the Home tab or Visit tab. High school counselors can also create open visit events which are available to all. Any user can find an open event and reply that they will attend.

Home Tab View

Visits can be viewed and managed on the Home tab, where both upcoming and past visits appear.


Unanswered visit invitations appear at the top of the list, along with a blue-dot reminder that the student needs to take action. A reply link to the right of unanswered invitations allows replies right from this page.

View Visit

After accepting an invitation, the visit will appear in date order. If a visit invitation is declined or there is no reply to the visit request by the visit date, the visit will appear on the list.

Visit Invitations

Clicking a future or past visit provides details such as visit date, location, time zone, and any notes posted by the institution, which may help guide you at the event location.

Visit Notes

Visits Tab View

Search for open events and manage invitations on the Visits tab.

Finding a Visit

Click an open event to request a registration to attend.

Request Registration Button

Calendar Tab View

View and manage visits on the Calendar tab.


A high school counselor can include the address of a visit. Depending on your device, selecting the Driving Directions link may open a map application with turn-by-turn directions.

Visit Location

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