The query tool can be used to gather data about organizations using Slate.org. This data may help inform decisions about recruitment and travel strategy.



Planning recruitment travel is made insightful with Queries in Voyager. Slate.org Enrollment is a filter available to add as a layer when browsing schools in a particular geographic location. 

1. Within a Voyage, add a new layer. Set the type to Local and the base to Organizations.


2. Once the layer is created, Edit Query and add the Slate.org Enrollment filter. Select the "Enrolled" status.

3. Select exports that will be helpful in your recruitment travel planning. Be sure to select an appropriate export that will represent an organization's location on the map. We recommend choosing postal code or geomarket. 

4. Using the breadcrumbs, navigate back to the edit layer page. Edit the layer and set the Location Export and Location Type. Save and use the breadcrumb to head back to the main Voyage page.

5. Your new Slate.org layer can be found under markers on the right hand side. Your map will display Slate.org Enrolled schools along with the other markers you have configured. You can browse records that meet the marker criteria by browsing the tabs across the bottom, under the map. 



New and/or Quick Querying

1. Navigate to a new query and set the type to Local and the base to Organizations.

2. Filter by Slate.org Enrollment status.


Once your results are limited by Slate.org Enrollment you can further refine your query parameters and exports. 

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