Student Application Tracker provides handy tool called Application Tracker, where you can easily track and manage your applications. To use the tool:

  1. Log into
  2. Click Applications on the left-side menu.
  3. Click Application Tracker.


Application Tracker displays the colleges and universities where you have applied. The tool includes information regarding the status for each application: In Progress, Awaiting Materials, Complete, or Decided. The tool also displays the round (whether or not it's early action, for instance) and the deadline.

Two views are available: Board and List. Clicking the desired view next to View as will display the tracker information for that view. view_as.jpg
You can also filter to view  only specific decisions, such as "Complete." filter.jpg

Note: As a rule, does not list admissions decisions. You must to use the related institution's application portal to see a decision. Select the desired application and click View Status Page.


Access students across more than one school

In the event you need access to track student application progress or admission decisions across multiple high schools, here are two options:

Option 1

  • Use your primary high school account to view students who have applications being shared in and attend that specific high school.
  • Use the Invite Students functionality to invite students you may work with either at your existing school or at another school. When inviting a student, you are inviting them to create a account. As a result, they can grant you access to see their application data and decisions. 

Option 2

  • Create a account for each high school you work with. Note that there is a 1:1 relationship between the email address you use to log into and a school. If you work in two schools, you would need two different email accounts. 


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