Registrants and Launching Registration

Below the event settings, registrants, space available, and check-in/registration options are shown:


Note the following:

  • The number for the Registrants count does not include guests. 
  • The Launch Check-In option should be used to mark registrants as Attended or No Show
  • The Launch Registration option should be used if multiple registrations are submitted sequentially.
  • This is typically used for day-of registrations, as submitting a registration from this screen will automatically mark this registrant as attended.
  • The Space Available count will subtract the number of registrants and guests from the Limit set for the event.
  • The Pending counts will only show for forms marked as Save for Later.
  • Once at least one registrant is marked as attended, the Total registrants including guests count will display the number of attended registrants, with and without guests.  

When an event registration is selected from the event management screen, the form response can be displayed, edited, rescheduled, or deleted. 

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