Scheduler Report Form

An appointment report form can be attached to your appointment slots so appointment holders can easily submit the information your staff needs to see when evaluating a student record.

Create the Form

  1. Click Forms in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click New Form.
  3. Enter the following User configurations in the popup window:
    • Page Title - The Page Title will display to the interviewers when the form is accessed.
    • Folder - Keep forms organized by putting the form in a folder. Select Other to create a new folder.
    • Status - Make the Status Confirmed/Active.
    • Description - Use the Description tab to optionally display information to the users just below the form title.

Use the Form Builder Palette to drag in the content to add to the Report Form. 

Note: Users complete the form by clicking on a personalized report form link. The form is then automatically associated with the specific record. While completing the form, the user is able to see the name and email address of the record at the top of the form.


The appointment registration form and the report form must have matching scopes! For example, if the registration form is person-scoped, the appointment report form must be person-scoped as well.

  Best Practice

Provide a unique field label and export key for every field on the Report Form. This will make it easier to identify and export Report Form data.

For example, if there are multiple comment fields on the form, give each one a unique label (e.g.,
Motivation Comments, Leadership Comments) and a unique export key (e.g., motive_comments, leader_comments).

  Mapped Fields?

Most of the data collected on an report form will typically be through unmapped form fields. However, rating information (e.g., retention efforts & data points) may be mapped as a system field if the value is needed for other form calculations.

Report form field behavior is the same as other forms in Slate: submitted data can always be exported, used in queries, and displayed in the Reader.

Link the Scheduler Report Form

Attach the report form to the appointment template by configuring the appointment registration form.

  1. Click Scheduler in the top navigation bar.
  2. Click the Templates folder.
  3. Select the appointment template.
  4. Click Edit Form.
  5. Click Edit Properties.

Configure the Report Form setting to use the Interview Report Form. This will link the Interview Report Form to interview slots that use this template.

A Submit Report link will administratively appear when a student registers for a slot.

Also, a report link will be available as a merge field for communications. Use this merge field in a communication that sends to users. 

Not for Registrants!

Never include the {{Form-Report-Link}} merge field in a communication that sends to the registrant. The report form should only be sent to appointment holders.

Submit the Form

If you require multiple Report Form submissions for the same Person Record on the same Scheduler Template, you must first set the Report Form to allow multiple submissions. Your interviewers would then access it by:

  • Copying/pasting the Report URL.


  • Clicking on a customized link using query string parameters to a URL in a mailing, rather than clicking the {{Form-Report-Link}} merge field link in an Event Communication.
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