Approving User Accounts

Technolutions will only approve the first administrative user for a institution. Once that administrative account is established, that administrative user will add users to the institution through the Users link on the Profile page. Additional users requesting a new account affiliated with your institution will appear with an awaiting approval status.



Approving Users 

1. Click the Profile tab in the navigation menu. Your profile page appears.



2. Click the Manage Connected Staff link.



3. Locate the name of the user whose status is listed as 'In Review'. A Review New User popup appears.



4. Review the user information presented on the popup. If approving access for the user to your institution's account, select from the options presented in the Access & Permissions section:

  • Account Administrator enables a user to update, approve, and add new users.
  • Manage Applications enables access to applicant information and decision data.
  • Download Student Data lets the counselor export information (Please note, this feature is not currently live but we are hoping to have it back soon!)

Once the permissions are set as desired, click Approve Access.

If you do not want to approve access for the user, click Decline Access (deactivate the user and deny their access to your institution's account) or Cancel (do nothing and leave the user's status as "awaiting approval.").


Adding Users

1. In the Manage Connected Staff section, click Add a Connected Staff Member.New User popup appears.



2. Add the user name and contact information.

  Best Practices

  • Email: Be sure to submit the person's professional email address rather than a personal address.
  • Title: Include the user's title or position (for example, Director of College Counseling).

3. Click Save. An account confirmation email with a temporary personal identification number (PIN) is sent to the new user.



Managing Users

1. Locate the name of existing user. An Edit User popup appears.


2. Perform one of the following actions:
  • Edit the user details as desired and click Save.
  • Click Inactivate to remove the user's ability to log into under your institution.
  • Click Reset password to send the user an email with a temporary PIN. The user can then set a new password upon logging in with this PIN.


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