Closed Captioning in Scheduler

For online interviews using Share, Slate can record and transcribe dialogue using real-time closed captioning. Closed captioning provides greater accessibility and lets interviewers follow along more closely with what's being said. Interviewers can also quote the candidate and incorporate the text in form responses.

Enabling Closed Captioning

Audio transcription will in the chat box alongside text chat. Participants can enable closed captioning functionality by clicking CC at the top right corner after joining the session. 



The audio transcription will appear as part of the chat box and is noted with a microphone symbol: mceclip1.png 




Do not click "CC" button until you are ready to begin transcribing your audio. Closed captioning will begin transcribing audio as soon as the "CC" is clicked and participants will be able to read any transcription of conversation microphones have picked up. 



Best Practice

The following should be considered when using closed captioning:

  • Speak slowly and clearly enunciate for a more accurate audio transcription.
  • If possible, allow for natural pauses to break up the audio transcription into easier-to-read chunks.






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