Push Notifications in Slate

Slate users can enable push notifications by selecting specific types and locations to receive them. When selected, Slate will push a notification as a banner alert to the user's desktop or mobile device.

To access the push notifications setting:

1. Hover over the user profile (in the upper right corner of the Slate page) and select Notifications. The Notifications popup appears.

Notifications Menu


2. Select the desired type of activity and location for push notifications.

3. Click Save.

Notifications Popup

With push notifications enabled, when something like a text message arrives for a number for which the user is directly assigned, an alert will appear on their mobile device.

Mobile Push Example

Notifications can also be configured to appear on desktop and laptop devices, even if Slate isn't open on those devices.

Desktop Notification

Selecting the notification launches the app (on mobile) or browser (on desktops) and opens the message thread or other relevant link. 

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  • Has anyone gotten this to work? 

  • No - it seems straightforward, but it is not working as advertised...

  • This is not working for SMS. However, the notifications work for Voice.

  • Hello everyone! We are aware of the inconsistencies with Push Notifications and are actively looking into this. We have created a post in our Feedback Forum, which we encourage all to vote for and comment on. We will make updates as soon as they are available. Thank you for reaching out about this behavior!


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