Implementation Checklist

The implementation checklist is a customizable project plan for building out all essential operations in Slate.  



🔲 Complete all technical getting started items.
🔲 Provision user accounts for Fundamentals course attendees.
🔲 Users self-register for and complete the Fundamentals course in Learning Lab.

Your Team and Timeline

🔲 Attend the Getting Started with Slate Community Conversation.
🔲 Assign Slate Captains.
🔲 Define project scope and catalog your processes, needs, expected integrations, and deadlines.
🔲 Develop a detailed project plan.
🔲 Develop project team and assign responsibilities.
🔲 Schedule regular team meetings.
🔲 Initiate conversations with IT about integration with SIS.
🔲 Initiate conversations with academic departments and other campus stakeholders.

Set Up for Success

🔲 Add PING code to institutional web pages.
🔲 Review Configuration Keys for high-level settings for your instance.
🔲 Consider how you will collect Payments through Slate: using Slate Payments or a third-party provider.
🔲 Create additional users as necessary.
🔲 TIP: Build in Production! Then re-provision the test production to iterate on transactional work.
🔲 Attend Community Conversations weekly.  
🔲 Explore available resources.
🔲 Customize your default branding.
🔲 Change "Message Group" name from Slate University to your institution name.

Fields and Prompts

🔲 Create a spreadsheet of Fields and Prompts
🔲 Create (or import) custom fields.
🔲 Add (or import) custom prompts.
🔲 "Refresh the Quartet": refresh the cache on Fields, Prompts, Slate Template Library, and Configurable Joins Library each time you create new entries.

Inquiry Form

🔲 Create a Request for Information (RFI) Form.
🔲 Create RFI Form Communications.
🔲 Have each user create a test record.
🔲 Have each user begin to explore the Query tool.


Person Records

🔲 Create Custom Tab(s) to display custom fields.
🔲 Create a Custom Dashboard for the Person record.
🔲 Create custom Tags as necessary.
🔲 Add Test Types from the Slate Template Library.
🔲 Create Custom Interactions and/or Activities.
🔲 Create any necessary fields of other scopes, such as Relationship or School.
🔲 Begin to consider Origin Sources.
🔲 Adjust Person Status rules (optional).
🔲 Automate Staff Assignment via rules.

Organizations, Org Contacts, Datasets

🔲 Add a list of applicants to the Organization record.
🔲 Finalize configuration of Organization Contacts dataset.
🔲 Consider creating a custom dataset such as CBO, Volunteers, or Churches.

Communications & Outreach

🔲 Design email template(s) with responsive design.
🔲 Purchase deliver credits and provision service accounts.
🔲 Develop a Communication Plan outside of Slate.
🔲 Create Drip Marketing communication in Slate.
🔲 Create additional mailings as necessary.
🔲 Utilize Liquid Markup and mailing Content Blocks as necessary.
🔲 Develop a process for getting incoming email messages into Slate.
🔲 Configure Mobile SMS Inbox.

Additional Communication Options (Optional)

🔲 Consider enrolling in Slate Print.
🔲 Develop a calling campaign.
🔲 Configure Slate Voice.
🔲 Consider Projects/Tasks.
🔲 Consider implementing Inbox.


🔲 Create Event and Scheduler Templates.
🔲 Create Event and Scheduler Communications.
🔲 Add individual events and slots.
🔲 Configure Event Landing Pages/Portals.
🔲 Consider additional event options.
🔲 Create Trips.

Importing & Exporting Data

Upload Dataset

🔲 Add standard source formats from Slate Template Library.
🔲 Create service accounts for integrations access.
🔲 Create custom source formats as necessary.
🔲 Import Current Prospects.
🔲 Import Applicants.
🔲 Import documents.
🔲 Develop Process for Consolidate Records.
🔲 Develop Process for Batch Acquire.

Integration with SIS

🔲 Configure bi-directional integration with SIS.


🔲 Configure Slate Payments.
🔲 Configure a third-party payment processor (if necessary).


Application Preparation- ALL Application Types

🔲 Create Application Period(s).
🔲 Create Application Round(s).
🔲 Create Application-scoped fields and prompts.

Imported Applications

🔲 Map fields and values for imported applications.
🔲 Configure additional related source formats.
🔲 Verify source format mappings with live test records in Test. 
🔲 Create new source format(s) as necessary.

Application- Slate-Hosted Application

🔲 Add Application Base File from Slate Template Library and follow Application Building Checklist.
🔲 Customize standard application pages.
🔲 Create custom application pages.
🔲 Create page keys to show/hide application pages.
🔲 Configure hard/soft fails in application logic.
🔲 Create a custom recommendation form.
🔲 Automate application fee requirements via rules.
🔲 Consider application creation forms and/or direct round URLs.
🔲 Test the entire application.

Additional Application Configurations - ALL Application Types

🔲 Automate the application status via rules.
🔲 Configure additional application automation.
🔲 Create a custom application dashboard.
🔲 Add application status portal from Showcase.
🔲 Create System Emails.
🔲 Configure application sharing via

Materials and Checklists

🔲 Create materials collected as part of the application.
🔲 Create checklist items.
🔲 Automate checklist assignment via rules.
🔲 Consider missing checklist item recurring email.
🔲 Consider importing Financial Aid Checklist items.


🔲 Configure Reader Bins.
🔲 Automate bin movement via rules.
🔲 Configure Reader Tab Groups and Materials.
🔲 Create Reader Review Forms.
🔲 Configure Reader Dashboard.
🔲 Customize the Reader.
🔲 Configure Reader permissions.
🔲 Consider additional workflows (as necessary).


🔲 Create Decision Codes.
🔲 Create Decision Reasons.
🔲 Design Letter Templates.
🔲 Create Decision Reply Form.
🔲 Decision System Email.
🔲 Configure Decision Release Automation.
🔲 Develop a process for printing decisions, if applicable.
🔲 Configure payment account for Enrollment Deposit.
🔲 Consider importing Financial Aid Decision Letters.
🔲 Test Decision Release Process.

Users and Permissions

🔲 Create roles, permissions, and exclusive permissions.
🔲 Population-based permissions.
🔲 Realms.
🔲 Import users.
🔲 Multi-Factor Authentication.


🔲 Conduct Training for end-users.
🔲 Document your process.

Implementation Wrap-Up

🔲 Prep for "go-live."
🔲 Finalize Origin Sources.
🔲 Create homepage widgets.
🔲 Create reports.
🔲 Think about Cycle Prep.
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