Keystone Academic Solutions

Keystone helps connect universities directly to students as they search. No matter the location or time zone, your university and programs will be made visible to thousands of students every single day. These are the necessary steps to configure the process of receiving leads from Keystone within Slate.

Once configured, this integration allows Slate to automatically retrieve your new records from Keystone. 

Slate Configurations: Source Format

This Source Format will automatically poll the Keystone web service daily to retrieve your leads.

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar and select Source Format Library.
  2. Add the Keystone Academic Solutions (XML) source format.
  3. Edit the source format and under Import Automation, add the Keystone web service URL to the Import Remote Server setting.
  4. Configure the Remap settings. Many standard items have been pre-mapped but you may need to map the Program of Interest to the appropriate custom field. As always, feel free to customize how the data will be imported.
  5. Set the Remap Active flag to Active on the source format once you are finished mapping the Source Format. This begins calling the Keystone web service to import leads using the Remap settings configured in the step above.

For any questions about configuring your Keystone account or help obtaining your Keystone web service URL, please contact

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