Inbound Calls with Slate Voice

Slate Voice is a fully-integrated telecommunications platform that enables you to receive calls in Slate.


Google Chrome is the preferred browser for using Slate Voice.

To Enable Inbound Calls

1. Click Database on the main menu. The Database page appears.

2. Select Deliver Configuration in the Communications section. The Deliver Configuration page appears.

Deliver Configuration


3. In the Accounts section, select the telephone number that will be used to accept inbound calls. An Edit Account popup appears.

Select Number


4. In the Voice section, set Slate Voice to "Ring assigned user via Slate Voice."

5. Select the remaining configuration values as desired.

6. Click Save.

Slate Voice Option

Follow-me Function

If a call rings in the browser, a pop-up notification appears, enabling users to accept or ignore the call. If the call is not answered, it will forward to another number. If the forwarded number doesn't answer, Slate will route the call to voicemail and push the voicemail into Inbox.

Inbound Calling



There is an additional cost for using Slate Voice features. For information on service rates, refer to the Purchasing Deliver Credits Knowledge Base article.