Learning Lab - 2022 Course Collection Access

How to Register

If you have not yet registered for the Festival, you may register from

Access Learning Lab

The Learning Lab Portal is accessible via your Slate Database:

1. Sign in to your Slate Database

2. Click the Slate icon in the top right and select Home Slate

3. Select the Learning Lab icon

4. Click the Festival Courses tab and select Festival Pass Holders - Enter Learning Lab

5. Once inside Learning Lab, click Content Library. Use the filters to limit your view by Collections.

Personal Test Environment

All pass holders have access to a personal test database. We encourage the use of your test database to follow along with course activities. You can provision or launch your test database from the "Test and Other Environments" provisioning page (Databases from Database > Launch Test Environment). When on this page, there are three possible views:

View for anyone NOT yet registered

View for anyone registered but has not yet provisioned their test database

View for anyone registered and has provisioned their test database

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