💻 Data Integrations - Overview Demonstration


This video provides an overview of Data Integrations within Slate, and a discussion of the tools used to send and receive data between Slate and other systems.

Video Topics

Topic Timestamp
Data Exports 0:30
Scheduled Export Options (SFTP, etc) 01:57
Enable SFTP Access for Users 3:22
SIS Integration Discussion 4:22
Real-Time Web Services 9:10
Direct SQL Access & Materialized Views 10:38
Importing Data into Slate (Upload Dataset) 12:30
Integrating Data from Forms or Events 15:10
Leveraging the Slate Test Environment  16:25
Deduplication & Record Matching 17:20
Consolidate Records 19:05
Address Validation & Standardization 20:30
Export Formatting Example - Phone Numbers 21:20
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