Troubleshooting SFTP/Remote Connections

When attempting to connect to the Technolutions SFTP, it's important to use the Connection Validation Tool.

If your problem persists, confirm the following common issues aren't at play:

  1. Changes to User IDs in Slate may take up to 1 hour to populate throughout the system: If the change was made and the query immediately exported on demand, the query may not have recognized the username.
  2. Be sure the corresponding public key is installed on the remote server for this User ID:  Some users find it helpful to test the connection using a username and password to rule out an issue with the public key pair. 
  3. Double check key itself: does it match the key on the remote server for this User ID?
  4. If you are using a keypair, it must be an RSA key: It must also include the following comments around the key itself:


    Followed by the key, then:

    -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----
  5. Check your firewall: Are Slate's connections allowed? Outbound connections from Slate are initiated from the following IP addresses, which should be included in your firewall whitelist:
  6. Parallel test: Ensure that you can hit the path via a parallel test from a different service, such as Filezilla. If you can access the path from the third party service, your credentials are probably correct—meaning something is misconfigured in your original tool.


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