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This form, which is received by a school official, is distinct from the school report widget-scoped form, which displays to the applicant. See the school history page article for more information. 

The school report page-scoped form is the alternative to the standard school report form sent to school officials when a student requests a school report from their institution. This custom form allows for flexibility in adding conditional logic, custom school report fields, and instructional text.


Creating a School Report Page

  Try a Slate Example

Use Suitcase to import our ready-made example school report page form. Be sure to open and re-save each form field to break any potential cache from the suitcase import.

Suitcase ID
  1. Select Forms from the main navigation.
  2. Click New Form. A popup appears.
  3. In the New Form popup, enter the following configurations:
    • Page Title: The page title will display to an applicant as the name of the page.
    • Folder: Keep organized by saving custom application pages within a clear folder structure.
    • Status: Set the Status to Confirmed/Active.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Edit Form.
  6. Click Edit Properties.
  7. Set the scope to School Report Page.

  8. Remove all of the default standard fields on this page. These fields are already captured on the Slate delivered Personal Background page in the Slate-hosted application.
  9. Add the desired fields and instructional text to the form. See example configuration opposite. 




Adding the school report page to the Slate-hosted application

Use the Application Editor to add custom application pages built in Form Builder to the Slate-hosted application:

  1. Select Database from the main navigation, then select Application Editor.
  2. Choose the /apply/ link for the application base to which the new page should be added.

    NOTE: If only one application base exists, only /apply/ will appear.

  3. From the list, select the part ID aca. This applies even if you aren’t using the standard academic history page.\
  4. Click School Report Settings. A popup appears.
  5. In the Edit Configuration popup, select your custom school report page from the list under School Report Page Form. 
  6. Click Save.




  • If the submission of a school report satisfies any transcript checklist items, set the checklist item fulfillment to your custom school report.
  • Only school report-scoped materials can be mapped on a material widget on the school report. If you want a school official to upload a transcript on behalf of the student, create a school report scoped material and have that material satisfy the transcript checklist item.
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