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Technolutions is partnering with MitteraEDU (formerly known as KelmscottEDU) to offer a wide range of print formats using the power of Deliver in Slate. Slate Print can fulfill orders ranging from a one-off mailing to creating viewbook packets and more to send to your interested prospects. Payment for Slate Print is handled through Slate Deliver credits. For additional information on Deliver credits, refer to the Purchasing Deliver Credits knowledge base article.

We recommend reviewing the Slate Print Webinar. This webinar was co-hosted by Kathleen Cross, the Executive Vice President at MitteraEDU, the company that fulfills Slate Print pieces. The webinar provides a helpful explanation of the print process and examples of materials and customization.

Getting Started with Slate Print

1. Click Deliver on the Slate navigation bar. The Deliver page appears.

2. Click New Mailing. A New Mailing popup appears.

3. Change Method to Slate Print. The options on the New Mailing popup change accordingly.

4. For Name, enter an appropriate name.

5. For Folder, if using folder organization (recommended) select a current folder or select Other and enter a new folder name.

6. Click Save. The mailing page appears.

7. Click Edit Message. The Edit Message popup appears.


8. Click Manage Templates.


If you do not already have a Slate Print account, the first time you select the Slate Print method when creating a new mailing and navigate to "Manage Templates" you will be directed to a web page from MitteraEDU.


When logged in to the Slate Print page powered by MitteraEDU, you'll find guidance on how to set up different projects along with resources, sample template files, pricing, paper options, and a space to review existing templates.


In addition to having an account with MitteraEDU, you'll also need to establish a Print Account within Deliver Configurations:

1. Click Database on the Slate navigation bar and in the Messages section, select Deliver Configuration.


2. Under the Accounts section of the page, click Add Account.


3. Enter the following configurations in the popup window:

  • Service: Select Print.
  • Name: Provide a name for the account.

Once you add an account to your Deliver Configuration, you will be able to select it from the drop-down menu on your Slate Print Deliver mailing:


Not seeing your Print Account in the Account dropdown?

Check the permissions set on the account in Deliver Configurations. If access to this account has been restricted to a user or role ensure the box "Send using Account" has been checked:


Merge Field not merging in?

  • The following variables are used by MitteraEDU to create the mailing panel:


    The merge fields used in a template should not use the same name as one of these variables. If a merge field being utilized in a template has the same name as a mailing panel variable the merge field will not merge in as expected.

  • Double check that you've established which exports from your recipient list query should inform the merge fields present in your template:

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