Displaying Reader Review Forms in the Reader

Once a reader review form has been completed, by default, it can be previewed from a few different areas in Slate. In addition to the default methods of displaying a completed reader review form, additional methods can be considered.

For instance, your process may require that a first and second reader evaluate an application before being assessed by a Department Head. The Department Head may wish to see each of the Reader Review forms submitted by the previous readers before submitting an evaluation.

Three additional ways to display this data include:

  1. Merge Fields on a Department Head Review Form

  2. Reader Dashboard Portal in a Department Head Bin

  3. Reader Tab Groups & Materials

Merge Fields on a Department Head Review Form

You could create a Department Head Reader Review form that includes merge fields from a standard Reader Review Form. You can add these Merge Fields via 'Edit Properties.

This method would leverage Configurable Joins to include data points from Reader Review Form Responses. You want to join specific forms or adjust the row offset if responses are on the same forms. If you wish to view numeric ratings or minor data points, this could be a great solution. This strategy may be less effective for comment blocks.

Reader Dashboard Portal in a Department Head Bin

Reader Dashboard portal that could display in the Department Head Bin to merge Form Response values from Reader Review Forms. By leveraging a table in a Static Content Block, you could pull in Reader Responses through Configurable Join queries. This method could be useful for adding additional information in the future. You can easily add queries to the portal, add new Static Content Blocks and display new data for a Department Head.

You'll want to ensure that the portal is housed within a folder labeled "Reader" so that it can be viewed in the Reader.

Reader Tab Groups & Materials

You could create Materials for each Reader Review form and then add them to a Specific Reader Tab Group. You may want to consider that this method would include information about the User who completed the Review forms. Each PDF will consist of the information you see in the screenshot below.

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