Messaging from the Student Record

You can send a one-time message to a person from their person record using Slate’s built-in mailing client. In the Connect section, select the person email address to open the Send Message pop-up.

selecting email in Connect section

From the Send Message pop-up, you can change the Sender email address for your one-time message, select the recipient email address from the email addresses associated with the person record, and make use of the same editing tools available in the Deliver tool. You also have easy access to your saved Inbox Snippets.

email selected, Deliver tool available

Sending an SMS from the Person Record

In addition to email, text messages can be sent from the person record. From the Connect section of the person record, select the person’s Mobile Phone number to open the Connect pop-up. To send a text message, select SMS.
This opens the text message version of the Send Message pop-up, which includes access to any mobile-friendly Inbox Snippets you have created, similar to the message option selected above.
You can also choose between available recipient mobile numbers when composing an SMS message from the person record: Recipient_Cell_Numbers.png

Send Emails to Relations from the Person Record Dashboard

When sending an email from the person record, you can now CC the record's relations and alternative recipient email address(es).

1. When composing an email message from the person record, click the Address Book icon to open the Add Recipients popup.



2. From the Email Address list, select additional recipient email addresses to CC.

3. From the Relationships list, select the email addresses of the relations you'd like to CC on the message.

4. Click Add Recipients when finished. The selected email addresses are CC'd on the message:

Delay Delivery

When sending an email to a person from their person record, you can delay delivery of your message up to 24 hours.

1. To use this feature, select the clock icon in the bottom right of the Send Message pop-up.

2. Enter the time that you want your message delivered and select Save. Once delay delivery is set up for your message, selecting the Send button in the bottom left of the Send Message pop-up will schedule your message for delivery at the designated time.

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