Secret Form Field Widget

Secret Form Field Widget

The Secret form field widget lets form submitters enter sensitive data, like a Social Security Number, and ensure the values are hidden. 

To use the Secret form field widget:


  1. Select Forms from the main navigation.
  2. Select a form you'd like to edit, or click New Form.
  3. Click Edit Form.
  4. Select the Secret widget.
  5. Configure the field as desired. 
    • Label: Add a descriptive label for the form submitter.
    • System Field: Map the secret to an existing system field. For example, Record - SSN.
    • Masking Character: Enter the character that will replace the text entered by the submitter.
    • Show Last # Characters: Enter a number. This represents the number of characters, counting back from the end of the string, that will be unmasked. 


  1. Test the form. The submitted string in this example should display asterisks until the final two characters, which are unmasked: 


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