Exporting User Information (Fields Using "User" Prompt)

Fields using the "user" prompt—such as the default "Staff Assigned" field—are different than other prompt-driven fields in that they:

  • Aren't created or managed in the prompts tool
  • Connect the field to a user in your database. This allows you to access attributes about users, such as their names, titles, and email addresses
  • Have the value setting of "Store Value (bit/language/state/country/user prompts and text fields only)"

A configurable joins query is required in order to access user-driven field exports. 

From Records to Users

1. In a query using configurable joins, look for and add a join that shares the name of the user-driven field you want to export information for.

For instance, joining to "Staff Assigned" for the default "Staff Assigned" field.

2. Add the desired exports.
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