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Branding Editor at a Glance

The Branding Editor is a new tool designed to enable the editing and previewing of Slate branding while keeping the current branding files unchanged.

Upload and Edit Branding Impersonate a Record Preview New Branding!

To access this tool:

      1. Select Database from the navigation
      2. then, from the Branding section, select Branding Editor.

To edit Slate branding in the Branding Editor:

      1. Click Import Production to load existing branding files.
      2. Make edits to the files as needed.
      3. Click Save. 
      4. Click Preview. Select a record to impersonate and see how your changes look. 
      5. When all the changes have been made and approved, click Deploy to Production to take the files live in your production environment. 

  Not sure where to start?

Check out our Branding in Slate article for a rundown of all the elements discussed in the Branding Editor article.


The key in the following image corresponds with each item in the list:


  1. Files: This menu displays any files located in the dev folder of Database > Files (formerly File Editor).


    Files in the Branding Editor.


    Corresponding files in dev.

    To delete a file, click the    to the right of the file name. Click OK in the system dialog to confirm deletion.


  2. New: Creates a new empty file. A prompt appears to enter a file name. Click Create to create a new blank file and save it to the dev folder.


    Only files with the following file extensions will be editable in this interface:

        • .css
        • .xslt
        • .html
  3. Save: Saves changes to the current file.

  4. Preview: Opens a new tab to display the entered URL with styles from the build files in the dev folder of Files applied. 

    Required fields:

    • URL: Enter a Slate page to display. For example:
      • /register
      • /register/{add a form url} (See example images below)



    • Preview as: Enter the name of a record you'd like to impersonate to view the page. 


    When you click Preview, a new tab opens displaying the URL you entered. A banner indicates you are impersonating your selected record in Development Mode, meaning dev styles are being applied.

    Any subsequent pages opened from within the preview will also be in Development Mode until you click the Dismiss link. For example, if a form is opened, it will also display with dev branding.


  5. Upload: Select an existing local file to upload to the dev folder to be edited.



    You may not overwrite an existing file via upload. Attempting to upload a file with the same name as a file already in the dev directory will cause an error message to appear. Delete the existing file by clicking   prior to uploading a new version with the same name. 


  6. Import Production: Copies all files currently in the share folder in Files to the dev folder for editing.


    This will overwrite the files that currently exist in the dev folder, and any edits will be lost.


  7. Deploy to Production: Copies all the files in the dev folder and writes them to the shared folder in Files, overwriting any existing files with the same names. The dev files are not removed.


  8. Exit: Returns to Database.

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  • From the Branding Editor, any changes I made on the build.css file were not being reflected on my preview. 

    I noticed that this was because the build.xslt file had no reference link to the css file.

    Even though we are in the branding editor and the files we are using are in the /dev/ folder, the build.xslt file still references "/shared/build.css". It should be "/dev/build.css"

    The Branding Editor should automatically address this. 


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