New / Edit Query Settings

Setting Description
Name Give the query a name.  This name will only be visible administratively.  The name may be changed at any time if necessary.
User This will default to the user's name but may be changed to another user.
Realm Control access (who can build, run, and edit) to the query using a realm, if necessary. 
Sharing Check this setting if the query should be shared with other users who have the query and query base permissions.
Folder Select an existing folder for the query or select 'other' to create a new one. 
Type Specify whether the query should use a base stored locally in your instance, a base from the Slate Template Library, or a base that utilizes configurable joins.

Configurable joins query bases are organized by category.

  • Records - returns one row per record of the specified type.
  • Related - returns one row per instance of the specified object.
  • System - returns one row per system object (lookup/metadata).
Base Base determines what each row of the query should represent (e.g. one row per person record, one row per application, one row per form response, etc.)
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