Advisor/Coach Assignment Default Rule

The last staff assignment rule should capture any records that failed to match on prior rules. This serves as a catch-all to ensure that all person records are assigned to a staff member.

Default Rule - Rule #999

Create a Default rule and add to the Advisor Assignment exclusivity group with a priority of 999.  Do not add any filters. 

In this example, all records that fail to match on counselor assignment rules with a higher priority number will be assigned to a separate user.

  1. Click Database in the top navigation bar and select Rules.
  2. Click New Rule.
  3. Enter the following configurations in the popup window:
    • Name - Advisor Assignment - Default
    • Type - Field
    • Base - Prospects
    • Folder - Advisor Assignments
    • Priority - 999

Configure the appropriate filters:

  • Do not include any filters

Configure the appropriate action:

  • Field - Advisor Assigned (or use the Staff Assignment default field if you wish)
  • Action - Replace Values
  • Prompt - Select the User that should be assigned any person records that should not meet the criteria of any prior rules
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