Retroactive Refresh

All active rules will run on a record when the record is updated. For example, when new information is added to a record through a form the rules will fire on that record.

Use Retroactive Refresh to fire rules on records that were last updated in the past. For example, use Retroactive Refresh to make staff assignments for records that existed before staff assignment rules were created.

When multiple rules have been added or updated:
  1. Open the Query Builder and create a Query that will return all records requiring a Retroactive Refresh. For example, return all records who do NOT have a staff assignment. Add exports and run the Query. The exports chosen here do not matter, however, in order to run a query, at least one export is required.
  2. Select "Output >> Batch Management >> Retroactive Refresh"
  3. Click 'Export'
  4. Click 'Submit'.
When one rule has been added or updated:
  1. From the new or updated rule, select New Query, add exports, and run the Query.
  2. Select "Output >> Batch Management >> Retroactive Refresh"
  3. Click 'Export'
  4. Click 'Submit'.
Need to Make a Change?

To update incorrect staff assignments (e.g., John Smith is not being properly assigned to advisees with a Biology major), revisit the staff assignment rules, alter the filters and actions, and use Retroactive Refresh to run rules on the required population again.

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