💻 Managing the Profile Tab

Users in your Slate.org instance can be managed on the profile tab. As an administrator, you can add new users, reset existing users' passwords, and inactivate the accounts of users no longer at your institution. 



Edit Your Profile

  1. From the main navigation, select Profile. 
  2. Under Your Profile, on the right, click the Edit Your Profile icon. A popup appears.
  3. Make any necessary changes to your profile information. 
  4. Click Save. 



You can also change your institutional affiliation. Click the button at the bottom of your profile, then either select I am an independent counselor, or enter your new institution's name and CEEB code and click Save. 


Edit Your Institutional Profile

Beneath your profile, you'll find your institutional profile. Click the Edit Your Institutional Profile icon to enter details about your institution, including notes for visitors.

Click Edit Map to add or modify the Google Maps address that displays on your institution's profile. 

Upload a new School Profile frequently to keep information current. 




Add, Edit, and Inactivate a User Account

Technolutions approves the first active user account in your Slate.org instance. All subsequent user accounts are added at your institution's discretion.

To add a new user account:

  1. Ensure you have Account Administrator permissions.
  2. From the main navigation, select Profile. 
  3. Under Manage Users, click Add a Colleague. A popup appears.
  1. In the New User popup, enter the user's:
    • Name*
    • Title
    • Email address*
    • Phone number
    • Fax number



  1. Under Access & Permissions, configure the user's permissions:
    • Select Account Administrator to grant permission to create, modify, and inactivate user accounts.
    • Select Manage Applications to grant permission to view applicant data and upload materials, such as transcripts.
    • Select Coordinate Visits to grant permission to create, modify, or delete school visits.
    • Selecting Manage Applications or Coordinate visits will reveal another permission option, Download Student Data. Select this to grant permission to download all student and application information to an excel spreadsheet from the Students and Applications tabs.
  2. Click Save. 


To reset a user's password, click their name. In the popup, click Reset Password. A browser popup appears asking to confirm; click OK. A password reset email will arrive in the user's inbox with a randomly-generated PIN shortly thereafter.


To inactivate a user's account, click their name. In the popup, click Inactivate. The profile greys out and moves to a section below the list of active users. Inactive users can be hidden by clicking Hide Inactive Users. 


Review New Users

In the Manage Users section, you can add new colleagues, edit details on existing users' profiles, and review new users that request access. If any new users are awaiting approval, you'll see a blue notification indicating their number; these pending users will appear under Awaiting Approval at the top of the list of users.

Click a pending user's name to open the Review New User popup. There you can add permissions and approve access, or decline access.



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