Call Lists with Slate Voice

Slate Voice provides an integrated telecommunications capability that can be used to place calls directly from a record, call list, or anywhere phone numbers appear in Slate.

Calling campaigns using Slate Voice work just like traditional versions, but Slate Voice can make the calls and record the interactions directly within Slate, without the need for external processes or custom interactions.


Creating the Call Form

  1. Select Forms on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select New Form.
  3. Give the form a name in the Page Title field.
  4. Set the Status to Confirmed/Active.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Edit the form to remove the standard fields and add an interaction selector to record the outcome of the call.


Creating the Call List

  1. Select Queries / Reports on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select New Query.
  3. Enter the following configurations:
    • Limit Rows: The number of records returned each time a user clicks Fetch Next. Since a single call will be placed, use one (1) for this value.
    • Execution Options: Select Retrieve only the new records since query was last run.
    • Fetch Behavior: Select Preserve where clause on fetch if required by one or more filters.
  4. Edit the query to pull the desired exports that will be returned when the list of contacts is fetched. Be sure to include phone number.
  1. Select Configure Call List.

  2. Enter the following configuration:
    • Report Form: Select the call form created in the previous procedure.
    • Slate Voice: Select Enable Slate Voice.
    • Account: Select the default outgoing phone number that Slate Voice will use.
    • Recipient: Select the phone number (typically the primary phone) that will be called.
    • Instructions: Place any information (such as a script or a reminder) that the caller should view when making the call.
  3. Click Save.


  1. Return to the query page and select Share Call List.
  2. Share the URL with the selected team member.



Using the Call List

  1. Use the link provided to get to the call list.
  1. Select Fetch Next to get the first record.


  1. Select the record. The Row Preview dialog opens.


  1. Next to Call Form, select the Connect link. The Slate Voice dialog appears.



  1. Select the green Connect icon to place the call.
  2. Repeat the process for all contacts in this query.

During the call, an additional dialog provides the following options:

  • Record the call*
  • Put the called party on hold
  • Mute the local audio
  • Send an SMS message
  • End the call (hang up)



Laws and regulations regarding the recording of telephone conversations can vary by region. Make sure that you comply with all regulations, and always request permission from the called person before recording the conversation.

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