Deliver Statistics and Data Points

Numerous data points are captured that allow for the reporting on messages sent through Deliver. These data points include:

  • Sent: Total number of emails sent (excludes skipped messages and includes bounces). To obtain a total number of sent messages, sum the messages with the statuses of Open, Click, Opt-Out, Bounce, and Complaint, as these statuses may change after initially being sent.
  • Delivered: Total number of SMS messages successfully delivered.
  • Opens: Total number of times emails were opened by your recipients. If a recipient opens an email more than once, each open will be included in this count.
  • Clicks: Total number of times recipients clicked on links within the emails received. If a recipient clicks on a link or multiple links more than once, each click will be included in this count
  • Unique Opens: Total number of recipients who opened your email message. This is the unique number of recipients who opened the email message regardless of how many times the message was opened. This also includes those in the unique clicks count. In the Delivery Report, the Open status includes only those unique recipients who opened the message but did not click on a link.
  • Unique Clicks: Total number of recipients who clicked on a link within the email received. This is the unique number of recipients who clicked on a link within the email message regardless of how many links or times they were clicked.
  • Bounces: Total number of emails that were deemed as non-existent (hard bounce) or where the email recipient inbox is full, their mail server is temporarily unavailable, or another temporary issue (soft bounce). Bounces are included in the Sent count above.
  • Opt Outs/Spam Complaints: Total number of emails where recipients chose to opt-out (unsubscribe) or marked the email as spam
  • Skipped: Total number of emails for which delivery was skipped, either because the email appears on a suppression list, is on the suppression list, is blank or incorrectly formed, has bounced previously, is a duplicate, or has unsubscribed.


Third-party email filtering (e.g., Gaggle) used to pre-scan messages are ignored. Opens/clicks that are opened by the filtering software won't count in metrics.

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