Administrative Database Banners

Use a configuration key in combination with an exclusive permission to display informational text to selected users across all Slate pages in production, test, and Time Warp environments.

This banner can help users with access to multiple Slate databases distinguish between them. 

Edit the Configuration Key

To enable this feature, a configuration key must be modified:

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar
  2. Select Configuration Keys.
  3. Click on the Banner for Administrative Pages
  4. Enter the text to be displayed at the top of all Slate pages within the database.

  5. Click Save

Grant the Exclusive Permission

In order for this banner to dynamically display the banner, you will need to grant an exclusive permission to each user that should see it:

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar
  2. Select User Permissions.
  3. Select the appropriate user that should see the banner and click Edit User.
  4. Click the Roles tab and select Administrative Database Banner.

  5. Click Save

Only users with the Security Administrator permission can manually add new permissions to user accounts. 

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