Branding in Slate

The branding process in Slate is implemented so that the Slate public pages closely resemble a school's institutional admissions web page. Prospective applicants should see a consistent look and feel when moving between pages on an institutional website and form, events, or application pages within Slate.  For example, when a potential student clicks the link for a Request for Information/Inquiry form the user should not feel that they have been redirected to a new site.

In some cases, schools may choose to have the Slate outward facing pages look differently from the main admissions webpage. In these cases, schools can submit a service desk request, selecting the Branding category, and include an URL to the page that the Slate instance should resemble.  Technolutions will update the Slate branding to match the styling of the designated page.

Below are some popular topics related to Slate branding. Please review these topics before submitting a request with the Branding category in the Service Desk. 


Requesting Updates to Existing Branding in Slate

Side Navigation Bars

Removal of Dynamic Features, Search and Embedded Forms

Custom Branding

Editing branding files

CSS file caching

Multiple Branding Themes

Mobile Device Branding

Analytics in Slate Pages


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