Attachments included in a message can be viewed within Inbox and assigned to a material on a person or application record. If a message contains an attachment, a paper clip icon will appear next to the subject line when viewing messages in Inbox.

  • Display - Attachments appear in the header area of messages within the Conversation History. Click the attachment link to display the attachment.
  • Size Limits - There isn't an attachment limit, but there is an overall message size limit of 30MB.

    While Slate can accommodate this size limit, email-sending providers and clients such as Sendgrid, Gmail, Outlook, and more may have different sending and inbound size limits.

Assign an Attachment to a Record

1. Click Assign at the bottom of the Display Attachment popup (This will take you to the Batch Acquire interface).

2. Select the record that should receive the material. If the message was assigned to a person record, that record will automatically be selected. To change the record, click the Clear link and then select a different record.

3. If the record has an application, select if the material should be assigned to a specific application, or if it should be associated with the Folio.

  • Material - Select the specific material type.
  • Memo - This setting is optional

If an attachment has been saved as a material on a record, the material type and record are listed on the Display Attachment popup.

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