Slate Voice

Slate Voice is a fully-integrated telecommunications platform that lets you place calls directly from a record, call list, or anywhere else phone numbers are available in Slate without the need for external processes or custom interactions.


Google Chrome is the preferred browser for using Slate Voice (and all things Slate in general).

Slate Phone Numbers

You can make outbound calls directly from the Slate interface by provisioning a new phone number or associating an existing one with Slate Voice. Recorded conversations can be listened to and downloaded from a record's timeline.


Switchboard provides a live overview of:

  • All active calls taking place within your organization
  • A list of recent calls

Accessible from Inbox, Switchboard also lets you observe ongoing conversations, provide audio feedback to agents via one-way "whisper" functionality, or take control of the call outright. 

Note: There is an additional usage cost for Slate Voice features. Refer to the article on Purchasing Deliver Credits for additional information on service rates.

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