💻 Dive Deeper with Waybetter Marketing: 5 Steps to Navigating the Enrollment Cycle and Your Slate Instance


Why did your institution purchase Slate?

If you’re like many in the industry, you may find it difficult for whatever reason (not enough time, not enough manpower, not enough know-how) to accomplish your initial goals.

Join Rich Whipkey, president of Waybetter Marketing, and his team as they break down the steps it takes to accomplish what you originally set out to do. By boiling it down into a simple, achievable action plan, Waybetter has helped many clients revolutionize their usage of Slate.

During our 60 minutes together, you’ll learn tangible tips related to forms, Ping, event templates, populations, campaigns, snippets, and more.

Plus, you’ll learn how to roll up your sleeves and:

  • Define or re-define how you want Slate to work for you
  • Map out your strategy for the multi-channel student journey
  • Understand what data your vision requires and where it should come from
  • Produce high-converting content across all channels
  • Build and automate all touchpoints in Slate with precision and efficiency

Finally, you’ll get exclusive insight into the common pitfalls Waybetter Marketing has identified after performing countless audits of other Slate instances.

Original Air Date: 11/10/2020

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