💻 Dive Deeper with HCRC: Integrating Systems, Analytics, and Practice within Slate: The Key to HCRC's Enrollment Strategy


For more than three decades, HCRC has embraced a holistic approach to understanding the dynamics of enrollment demand, institutional productivity, and academic value. Towards that end, we have come to recognize that sustainable solutions require the integration of information systems technology, advanced analytics, and professional practice.

Join HCRC in this webinar to learn more about how Slate, predictive analytics, and recruitment practices can be brought together to improve enrollment outcomes in an increasingly competitive market environment. In particular, this webinar will focus specifically on geographic targeting, the use of multiple analytic indices by which a college and university can use analytics to inform itself about its geo-legacy feeder patterns, and how that improves productivity in top-of-the-funnel strategy and practice.

The webinar will feature the analyst Brian Zucker, founder, and president of HCRC, who has pushed the frontiers of applied enrollment management research for more than 30 years; the systems gurus, Chris Browning and Rob Galarza, who lead HCRC’s Slate Services practice and are well known in the Slate community, and the practitioner, David Kalsbeek, consultant at HCRC, former Senior Vice President of Enrollment Management at DePaul University, and one of the foremost thought-leaders in the enrollment management profession.

Original Air Date: 10/12/2021

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