Cleaning up School-Scoped Data

There are times where you'll want to clean up school-scoped data, this can happen by:

  1. Using a query to export current school data
  2. Use Excel to clean the data up
  3. Using Upload Dataset to reimport the school data
Export School-Scoped Data
  1. Run a new query using:
    1. Type - Configurable Joins
    2. Category - Related
    3. Base - School, This will return one school record per row
  2. Add at least the following exports:
    1. Person - "Reference ID" -  A unique person-scoped identifier. You may also export any other unique person-scoped identifier.
    2. School - "GUID" - A unique school-scoped identifier. This is the GUID, or ID, of the school record.
  3. Filter on the desired records.
  4. Run and export the query.
Clean the Data using Excel
  1. Open the file from #1
  2. Clean the data in Excel
  3. Save the file
Reimport the Data
  1. Using Upload Dataset, reimport the file from step #2. This import should be Unsafe. You should at least be mapping:
    1. "Ref": "Record" → "Slate ID Matching Only"
    2. "School GUID": "Schools" → "School: GUID Matching Only"
    3. The data you are looking to set/clean up
  2. Verify the data stored as expected
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