Cleaning up School-Scoped Data

There are times where you'll want to clean up school-scoped data, this can happen by:

  1. Using a query to export current school data
  2. Use Excel to clean the data up
  3. Using Upload Dataset to reimport the school data
Export School-Scoped Data
  1. Run a new query using:
    1. Type - Configurable Joins
    2. Category - Related
    3. Base - School, This will return one school record per row
  2. Add the following exports:
    1. Person - "Reference ID", a unique person-scoped identifier
    2. School - "GUID", a unique school-scoped identifier. This is the GUID, or ID, of the school record
    3. School - "Code"
  3. You can filter on records with the affected CEEB codes
  4. Run and export the query
Clean the Data using Excel
  1. Open the file from #1
  2. Clean the data in Excel, for instance, removing the leading zeroes
  3. Save the file
Reimport the Data
  1. Using Upload Dataset, reimport the file from step #2. This import should be Unsafe. You should be mapping:
    1. "Ref": "Record" → "Slate ID Matching Only"
    2. "School GUID": "Schools" → "School: GUID Matching Only"
    3. "School Code": "Schools" → "School: CEEB Code"
  2. Verify the data stored as expected
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