The Slatest News - September 2021

The Slatest News - September 2021


Dispatches from Slate Feedback
Check out the latest from Slate Feedback—our product management team has been actively soliciting your thoughts for new ideas and posting updates about existing and completed features. In addition to the comprehensive list available on the Development Roadmap, here are some of our favorite updates from the last few weeks:

  • View Your Email in a Browser
    Add a view in browser link to your email messages—simply enable the setting (and desired expiration) via the Edit menu of the message. Then, follow the instructions to add the link anywhere in the body of your email. Check out more discussion on this feature in the community forums
  • Customize the Unsubscribe Footer
    Slate includes standard unsubscribe information in the footer of marketing messages. Now, you can remove the default footer and add customized opt-out links in your own branding as desired. Learn more about this feature in our Feedback post.
  • Gray Out Your Inactive Event Communications
    It's small but mighty—inactive form and event communications will now appear grayed out to communicate their status at a glance.

  • Deliver Snapshots and the Record Timeline
    We introduced Snapshots for Deliver messages this spring, giving you a quick way to track edits to a message and see previous versions at a glance. When viewing a sent email on the record timeline, you'll now see the message using the version of the Deliver template at the time it was sent.
  • International Phone Number Formatting
    We've made some adjustments to ensure that all international number formats—including 10-digit formats—are appropriately formatted during the overnight cleanup processes. Learn more in this Feedback post.


The 2021 Slate Innovation Festival may have officially ended, but the fun continues! Slate Stage webinar recordings and Base Camp courses are now available through April 2022 for all Festival Pass Holders. Register today  for your Slate Innovation Festival Pass and take  advantage of these resources over the coming year.

Save the Date: Have we mentioned how excited we are to be together at next year's Summit? We can't wait to see y'all June 16–17, 2022 in Nashville!


Virtual Conversations: Slate Presents
Learn how Slate Platinum Preferred Partners can help you achieve your goals in the Slate Presents webinar series "Dive Deeper with Slate Preferred Partners," launching October 5 and running through November 9. All sessions begin at 2:00 pm ET. Starting us off in the next few weeks are:

Check the Slate Presents portal in your Home Slate as more session information becomes available and watch recordings of previous "Dive Deeper" sessions for Preferred Partner suggestions, best practices, and industry insights.

Community Conversations
Join Technolutions staff and members of the Slate community for regularly scheduled, discussion-based sessions on specific topics. These calls are available to all, so come learn from the broad knowledge of the Slate community—including the expertise of Technolutions staff and the experiences of your colleagues at other institutions. 

To view the complete schedule, register for all Community Conversations, and submit questions in advance, visit the Community Conversations portal, accessible from your Home Slate or via Database >> Community Conversations. Join us this week and next for:

  • Thursday, September 30
    • 1:00 pm ET: Communications & Outreach for Advancement and Alumni
    • 2:00 pm ET: Applications & Admitted Student Portals
    • 2:00 pm ET: Student Success Overview
  • Tuesday, October 5
    • 1:00 pm ET: Customizing Advancement Records
    • 2:00 pm ET: Reader Setup Using Workflows
    • 2:00 pm ET: Portals for Student Success
  • Wednesday, October 6
    • 2:00 pm ET: Intermediate Querying Using Configurable Joins
  • Thursday, October 7
    • 1:00 pm ET: Advancement Entities
    • 2:00 pm ET: Using Checklists
    • 2:00 pm ET: Getting Started with Student Success

For a quick intro, watch our tutorial video. We can't wait to see you at the next Community Conversation!

Overheard in the Community Forums

Have you asked a question in the Community Forums lately? Check out some of the tips & tricks recently posted from across the Slate community—including users, community moderators, and Technolutions staff:

  • Included in the release of iOS 15, Apple's new Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) prevents email senders from knowing if and when a recipient opened their email message. Learn more in our recent post.
  • Have you mapped U.S. territory address data lately? Check out these tips for territory mapping to country and region when importing application or other data files.
  • Do you publish fee waiver codes or other coupon codes for certain applications or events? Check out our tips for capturing the code value as text, and checking or storing it against a predefined prompt list of codes.
  • At your institution, how do you manage the questions and requests you receive from your Slate users? Check out this thread for discussion and examples on internal request trackers
  • Do you need to batch update a group of addresses that already exist in Slate? Thank Raymond Ruff for his tip about using Address GUIDs
  • Learn more about conditionally displaying elements of a name in an export or as part of a salutation rule. 
  • Show us your portals! Check out these examples of contact reports, household summaries, and other types of portals.


Get the full #SlateOnTour experience with Technolutions staff at these upcoming conferences. Come say hello—and tell your Slate (and future Slate!) colleagues too.   

  • NACAC Conference Recap: We had a great time last week in Seattle—our first travel since 2019. It was wonderful to see old Slate friends and make new ones, and catch up on all we've been missing over the last 2 years. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our "Slatetrium"—we wanted to celebrate the PNW location with a nod to Mt. Rainier! Check out our favorite moments (and some behind the scenes clips) on Instagram.
  • AASP Annual Conference, October 58: Join us virtually to learn more about Slate for Alumni & Advancement.
  • EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA, October 2629: Elizabeth, Cody, Shawn, and Ken will be heading to the city of Brotherly Love. Make sure to stop by Exhibit #127 and say hi. 
  • AACRAO SEM Annual Conference, Aventura, FL, November 14–17: If you're planning to be there, we'd love to see you!


Introducing the New Preferred Partner Directory
Check out the newly redesigned Slate Preferred Partner Directory, accessible from your Discover Slate page. Preferred Partners offer products and services like integrations, implementation support, marketing optimization, and enrollment strategy (to name a few). Use the new directory interface to easily search for partners that offer the specific service you're looking for and quickly narrow the results. Thank you to all of our Preferred Partners for the expertise you bring to the wider Slate community!



💻 Tweet & Greet  
We love seeing all the ways that you Slate every day. Here are a few of our favorite posts from the last few weeks—keep those posts coming!

🍂 Autumn Is Calling
Crisp air, pumpkin spice lattes, sweaters—fall is hands-down the best season. We created a playlist that perfectly captures the essence of autumn.


Bob Greene
Client Success Manager
Technolutions New Haven

What is a skill you'd like to learn?
In this case it would be "re-learn": Passai Sho kata. A decade ago, I was a dedicated martial artist. I had recently been promoted to 6th Dan in Shobayashi Shorin-ryu karate and was running my own karate dojo. Life, an economic slowdown, and changing demographics caused me to make the choice to close the school, something that I've regretted for years. A while ago, a former student got in touch with me saying that he had opened his own dojo, and he asked if I would like to come train there. Ten years is a long time to be out of the discipline, but I decided to give it a go, and now I train twice a week. 

What do you do to de-stress?

My wife and I are avid ocean kayakers. There's nothing better than watching the sun rise over the ocean from the seat of a kayak. It's funny, she really enjoys kayaking in big waves. On our honeymoon, we were kayaking off of the Portland Head Light in Portland, Maine. The waves were so large that I would lose sight of her when I was in a trough. 

What does a perfect Saturday look like to you?
I just had one last weekend! I'm an MSF RiderCoach and really enjoy teaching classes that introduce new (and returning) motorcycle riders to the skills necessary for safe and enjoyable motorcycle riding. Teaching the MSF course makes for some long, often uncomfortable (hot, cold, wet) days, but ultimately it's very worth it!

What song is stuck in your head right now?
Elvis! I'm working with a local theater group and they're putting on the show All Shook Up, which features a large collection of Elvis songs. I'm the sound person for the show and have been singing their awesome musical numbers in my head for weeks!

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