Following Knowledge Base and Community Content

We encourage everyone to follow topics of interest in the Knowledge Base. You can follow individual articles, the sections that contain them, or the posts and topics in the Community Forums. When you create or comment on a Community post, you follow that post automatically.

When you follow content, you you'll get an email notification when new articles, posts, or comments are made. You will not be notified when updates are made to the body of an article, post, or comment. You will receive email notifications for contributions made by other users you follow, but you will not receive notifications for your own contributions.

You can stop following content at any time.


At this time, you cannot automatically follow all new articles. Follow each section instead.

Sections and Topics

Follow a Section or Topic

  1. Find the section or topic that you wish to follow.
  2. Click Follow, then choose notifications for only new articles/posts or for all new articles/posts and all comments.

Knowledge Base Section:


Community Forum Topic:


For articles and posts, you will receive email notifications only for new articles posts in that section or topic. For articles, posts and comments, you will receive email notifications for all new articles and posts in the section or topic and any new comments.

Articles and Posts

Follow an Article or Post

  1. Find an article in the Knowledge Base or a post in the Community.
  2. Click Follow.

Knowledge Base Article:mceclip2.png

Community Forum Post:mceclip1.png

You will receive email notifications for any new comments on the article or post; however, you will not receive notifications when the content in the article or post is updated.

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