Navigating Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base and Community Forums are designed to provide you with a complete self-service support option. You can receive information from the Knowledge Base or turn to the Community for answers and best practices.

Searching the Knowledge Base

There are several methods you can use to find content in the Knowledge Base or Community. The best starting place is the main search.



If you don't see what you're looking for in the auto lookup results, click the search button or click enter on your keyboard, where it'll bring you to a screen that provides a complete listing of anything that may meet your search criteria.

You can use search to find information in both the Knowledge Base and the Community simultaneously. The search results are displayed separately, with one set of filtering options for the Knowledge Base results and second set of filters for the community results. The Knowledge Base consists of categories, sections, and articles. Articles are grouped in sections, and sections are grouped in categories. There may be sections within sections depending on the subject matter.


Strengthen Your Search 

When you search, any comments associated with a Community post are also searched. Therefore, the search term might not be in an article or post but in a linked comment. The left-hand filter options are a great resource to help drill down to what you are looking for. To reduce the results even more drastically without using the left-hand side filters, try strengthening your search using these tips.

Organization & Breadcrumbs

While we encourage using the search bar over all other methods, breadcrumbs and the left-hand navigation can be beneficial. The breadcrumbs represent the sections available throughout the Knowledge Base organized by:

Slate Knowledge Base (All Content) > Category (Lifecycle) > Section (Features & Functionality) > Article


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