Tips for Searching the Knowledge Base & Community

You can find content in the Knowledge Base or Community in several ways.

Searching with Multiple Words

Use double quotes (") around each word to find content that contains all of the words.

For example, searching with: "article" "title" "section" "author"looks for content that contains all four words, in any order. (Make sure to put spaces between the search words, or the search handles the text as one long string.) Content having only the words title and section in it will not be returned by the search.

Note: The search will match on a stemmed version of a word (for example, articles when searching for article).  


Single quotes (') around a word are ignored. If you search with: 'article' 'title' 'section' 'author'you'll get matches for any content that contains any of the words title, article, section, or author (exactly as if you had searched without the single quotes).

Searching with a Phrase

Use double quotes (") around a phrase to find content that contains all the words in that phrase.

For example, searching with:"article title"looks for content that contains the words article and title, in that order. The search won't match on content with only the word title.

Note: Like with multiple-word searches, a stemmed version of a search term (such as articles when searching for article) will also yield a match.


Like with individual word search terms, single quotes (') around a phrase are ignored.

Excluding Results Containing Certain Words

Use the minus operator (-) in front of the search term to find every article or post that does not include that word or phrase.

For example, searching with:Field Editor -Databasereturns content containing either word field and editor, but excludes content with the word database in the result.

Combine Operands for Advanced Search

Combining the operands above can find a very specific set of results.

For example, searching with:"Field Editor" -Databasereturns content that has both the words Field and Editor, but does not contain the word Database.

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