Posting Questions for the Slate Community

Well-written questions are more likely to receive a response and faster.

Tips for Posting Good Questions

  1. Provide any and all details about your process. Context is beneficial. Preferred Partners, Community Ambassadors, other Slate Users, and Technolutions staff are here to provide you with recommendations and other helpful ideas.
  2. Show us a screenshot or provide a hyperlink! Screenshots are beneficial if you're asking about features, functionality, or any detailed setup such as exports and filters in a rule, an application period and round structure, and more. Just don't screenshot any student or sensitive info.
  3. Let the community know what you've already tried. How have you tried to solve it? Where in the process did you run into problems?

Things to keep in mind

  1. These forums are not visible to the general public. Anything you post is only visible to anyone with access to a Slate database.
  2. Don't post your (or anyone else's) sensitive information. DO NOT post sensitive or private information or screenshots that have this sort of information in it.
  3. Do your best to post in the correct topic. Every lifecycle (Admissions & Enrollment, Student Success, Advancement) has its own set of topics. No worries if you are unsure. Just select one, and we'll move it accordingly.
  4. Post your new feature ideas in Slate Feedback. If you have an idea that could enhance features and functionality within Slate, we ask that you please post those ideas in Slate Feedback. Here you can contribute feedback and suggestions, comment on and vote for ideas, and follow the ongoing evolution of Slate.
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