Confirming Decisions

The Release Decisions tool can be used to confirm provisionally assigned decisions.

To navigate to the Confirm stage of the Release Decisions tool:

  1. Select Database on the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Release Decisions, which brings you to the Overview stage.
  3. From the right-hand navigation, select Confirm.


The default view will present all provisionally assigned decisions in a table as shown in the preceding image. Create custom, user-specific views for the Confirm stage to filter results and add custom exports. 

The search bar looks for person name information only and not filtering by decisions. To search for a particular decision, use the filters available when customizing the view.

Decisions can be confirmed in batch or individually. To confirm decisions: 

  1. Select from the list the decisions you want to manage:

    • Select one decision at a time with Control-Click (Command-Click on a Mac).
    • Select a sequence of decisions at once by using Control-Click on the first decision and Control-Shift-Click (Command-Shift-Click on a Mac) on the last.
    • Choose the Select All icon at the upper left if you want to manage all decisions at once.

    The Confirm Decisions icon appears.


  2. Select Confirm Decisions. The Confirm Decisions dialog box appears, displaying the number of decisions affected and presenting up to five sample records for review.


    Click into the sample records to view more details about their decision.


  3. Select Confirm to confirm the selected provisional decisions. These decisions move into Assign Letters if a decision letter for their specific decision code exists. All confirmed decisions also appear in the Release Decisions stage.

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