Cycle Prep Status Page

The Cycle Prep status page displays for institutions that have gone through the Slate implementation process and have released decisions, or have otherwise completed an admissions cycle within Slate. If you have completed your core implementation and are ready to enable the Cycle Prep Status Page, contact Client Success to update your status at 

The Cycle Prep status page provides a list of recommended tasks, allowing you to manage, edit, or add items needed by your institution.

How to Access the Cycle Prep Status Page

  1. Select Database from the Slate navigation bar.
  2. In the Support Resources area, select Discover Slate.
  3. Select Service Desk twice and continue.
  4. Select Cycle Prep Status Page.


The Cycle Prep status page can be accessed at any time.

Who Can Access the Cycle Prep Status Page?

Only Slate users with the permission of Submit requests to Service Desk, Service Desk Requests, or Administrator (All Access) can access the Cycle Prep status page from the link on the Service Desk Request landing page in Slate.


Do You Work in Multiple Databases?

To access the status page for another database:

  1. Click "Logout" from the status page you have opened up/accessed
  2. Login to the other database
  3. Access the status page

Standard Checklist Items

The Cycle Prep status page is initially populated with a standard set of checklist items which can be modified to fit your needs. The Technolutions-delivered items are typically set to recur and are typically due July 1, depending on when you notified Technolutions your organization was ready for the checklist to be activated.

Each checklist item contains three tabs. Click each tab below to see additional information on the tab.

Details Notes Documentation
Each standard checklist item includes a Description and Category that can be edited as needed. You can change the month a recurring item is due, or you can convert it to a one-time occurrence if there is no need to regenerate it.

  How do checklist items become due again?

Each time a recurring checklist item is marked as complete, the item will move to the Completed tab and automatically regenerate for the next cycle based on the month chosen for Recurrence.  The item will move from the Completed tab back to the Due & Upcoming tab 45 days prior to the Due Date.


To ensure checklist items automatically repeat each year and are usable, two things must happen:

  • the recurrence month must be set on recurring checklist items, whether standard or custom
  • checklist items must not remain uncompleted beyond the due date, or it will render stuck in time. Move all items on the Due tab forward before they become past-due. 

 Your Cycle Prep Status Page is designed to be evergreen so long as checklist items are managed.  Changes you make to your custom checklist items will persist year-over-year and will be available to you year-round. Technolutions will not automatically reset any of the changes you’ve made nor update your list of checklist items.

Custom Checklist Items

You may determine that there are additional annual or periodic maintenance tasks associated with Cycle Prep that you wish to document on your portal. Create a custom checklist item to include this in your database maintenance. 

To create a custom checklist item:

  1. Select New Checklist Item.
  2. Enter the following configurations:
    • Details tab:
      • Description
      • Category
      • For one-time tasks: Enter a Due Date
      • For recurring tasks: Check "Make task recurring", then select the months in which you want this task to come due
    • Notes tab: Add any notes for your team about this checklist item.

All Checklist Items

Whether standard or custom, checklist items can be set to recur or to be one-time only.

  • Recurring: You can set the month that recurring tasks are due each year, or you can add more than one month per year to visit this task.  All selected months will default to the 1st of that month; there is no day selection available for recurring tasks.
  • One-time: You can set an existing recurring task to a one-time occurrence or you can create a custom task that will take place only once, but is needed for the current maintenance season.  One-time tasks will not become due again for the following cycle. The implication of a one-time task is it effectively expires after the due date without becoming due again the following year.

  Best Practice

Set the due date at a comfortable future date to allow completion or reconciliation time if the item is critical to cycle readiness.  If the task is not vital, mark it completed, making it dormant until coming due for the next cycle.


List of All Standard Checklist Items

Portals include a standard set of recommended checklist items, listed below. Any updates are entirely up to the partner institution to manage.

All Databases Admissions Advancement Student Success
Type Description Category
Recurring Task Remove batches from Batch Acquire as necessary Batch Acquire and Document Imports
Recurring Task Review integration with other systems, including Student Information System Data Exports
Recurring Task Review any scheduled queries or reports for annual updates Data Exports
Recurring Task Review and update source format mappings Data Import
Recurring Task Review and update custom datasets as necessary Datasets
Recurring Task Review and update Organization Dataset Datasets
Recurring Task Review snippets, translation codes, liquid markup throughout Slate including Deliver Deliver
Recurring Task Review Deliver configuration and purchase credits or provision additional phone lines as necessary Deliver
One-time Task Confirm that DKIM configuration is enabled and validated Deliver
Recurring Task Review Deliver mailings and roll over population-based campaigns for the new cycle Deliver
Recurring Task Review and update event templates as necessary, and create upcoming events Events
Recurring Task Use Slate auditing tools to update, inactivate, or archive current resources General
Recurring Task Review rules using the Check Rules and Rules Health tools General
Recurring Task Review and update configuration keys as necessary General
One-time Task Migrate to form-based custom tabs to display custom fields General
Recurring Task Review and update entities General
Recurring Task Update your Slate institution profile via the tab above General
Recurring Task Review and update forms, copying and archiving previous forms as necessary General Form Building
One-time Task Migrate custom population-aware query bases  to Configurable Joins General Querying
One-time Task Migrate SQL-based integration queries to Configurable Joins  General Querying
Recurring Task Review incoming emails in the Gateway Inbox and review process with users as necessary Inbox
Recurring Task Review and update Origin Sources as necessary Origin Sources
Recurring Task Review current payment integration Payment Integrations - External Payment Processor
Recurring Task Review current Slate payments configuration Payment Integrations - Slate Payments
Recurring Task Review Slate access and security for all active users Permissions, Roles, and Realms
Recurring Task Review users with exclusive permissions, such as Security Administrator and Submit requests to Service Desk Permissions, Roles, and Realms
One-time Task Consider recommending multi-factor authentication for all users Permissions, Roles, and Realms
Recurring Task Review and update population rules as used in permissions and/or drip marketing campaigns Person Records
Recurring Task Review staff assignment rules Person Records
One-time Task Consider replacing previous event landing pages with new Event Portals functionality Portals
Recurring Task Review and update portals as necessary Portals
Recurring Task Review retention policies: create, schedule, and execute them as needed Retention Policies
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